Medusa Group—architect of the First District.

The Bytom studio team is valued on both the national and international arena, which is confirmed by their many prestigious awards and distinctions, among others the European Property Awards. “Medusa” is made up of people from Upper Silesia who know the region perfectly, are familiar with its history and the context of the changes taking place here. Their knowledge and emotional commitment, the value of which cannot be overestimated, found its expression in the proposed concept of the First District.

Przemo Łukasik – Architect:

In the current situation, defined by the prism of the so-called new normality in which we have been operating since 2020, but also considering the challenges of the modern world in the field of ecology, we are all aware of the common responsibility not only for the quality of the shared space, but also for the environment for its future users, including our small communities.

The architecture of the First District, in a very thoughtful way, looks for direct contact with greenery and the surrounding landscape. However, this is achieved not through commonly used solutions, such as green, grassy lawns, but with the help of park-like spaces. It is therefore opposed to the common – also socially unacceptable – proposals for “concreting” spaces, and the creation of new urban “heat islands”. In contrast, the First District complex offers shade, acoustic and ecological barriers and a permeable layer of native soil.

From the windows of their private worlds, residents will be able to see intense greenery- instead of cars parked under their balconies. Our proposal also includes a full recreational program. We want this space to remain open as a multigenerational environment, ready to welcome both the new and older residents of Bogucice.
Finally, we propose responsible action in the field of rehabilitating the area of the former mine. This includes both the treatment of degraded substances by the difficult industrial history of this place and the social healing of the aging district of Bogucice.

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